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The Best Tool Your Body Kneads

Consider the foam roller the affordable masseuse, on call whenever you need and no tipping required! Foam rollers are not just for athletes or people who work out, they are Read more


Miracle Workers

What’s the one natural food that never needs refrigeration or preservatives & never spoils? Honey! With its sugar and water content, it almost seems like the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, but… Read more

Eat This Not That

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  As you can see from the bottom of the photo, this picture is taken from the Jan/Feb 2013 edition of Women’s Health Magazine. Their “eat this, not that” feature Read more

A Chilli A Day Keeps The… wait

Okay so I know this is “Green Apple Health” after all, so you might be expecting an “Apple A Day” article before any other  **a day article but I have not Read more




Sunny Side Please

What food not only resembles the sun but also provides Vitamin D? Eggs! Vitamin D is found in the yolk, along with lots of other beneficial nutrients like beta-carotene which Read more


A Better Bread…

On my endless quest to incorporate the best, most nutritionally rich foods (that I also enjoy), I decided to take another look at the bread in my cupboard -well actually, Read more

Acorn Squash

Easiest Roasted Acorn Squash

Banana Cream Oats

Banana Cream Oats

Spinach & Eggs